Brass Art


Brass Art is Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican, based in Manchester, Glasgow and Huddersfield, UK.

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Brass Art

A Painted Show Thing (2022-2024)

Photo credit: Brass Art

L to R: Ettie, Carrie, Florine
single channel video loops, colour, silent.

Developed from the Apparition photographic series these videos continue research into pre-cinematic spectacle, using coloured cellophane as a way of seeing the everyday anew and references the cellophane theatre set designs of Modernist, but distinctly proto-feminist, American theatre designer, painter and poet, Florine Stettheimer. Named after the Stettheimer sisters and the morphic qualities of the performances, the artists have disguised themselves to create grotesque portrait silhouettes based on illusionistic shadow devices.


Brass Art: rock, quiver and bend HOME Manchester (2024); A Modest Show: Camp Bread BAS9 collateral, Kampus, Manchester & Castlefield Gallery New Art Space, Wigan (2022)