Brass Art


Brass Art is Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican, based in Manchester, Glasgow and Huddersfield, UK.

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Brass Art

Sojourn (2002)

Photo Credit Brass Art

Two screen video projection, dimensions variable, colour: 3 mins 20 / black & white: 6 mins 40, looped, with sound

Brass Art investigate and occupy the interior space of an ivory pagoda. Using a bronchioscope camera they are able to access the structure peopled with buddhas and tiny models of the artists, producing interior and exterior views of the delicate architecture.

Thanks to: Pentax Medical Imaging, Ann Sutcliffe (post production)


Here and Elsewhere Globe City, Newcastle (2007);
SSA on Screen Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (2005);
Seesaw Atelier Grammophon, Hanover (2003);
No Place Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery (2002)

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