Brass Art


Brass Art is Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican, based in Manchester, Glasgow and Huddersfield, UK.

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Brass Art

this voice this life this procession (2024)

image credit: Michael Pollard

materials: neon, programme timers
400cm x 22cm

This is animated text work floods the space with a pulse of colour. The title is derived from a passage in Virginia Woolf’s 1925 novel Mrs. Dalloway, which takes place over the course of one day. Using stream of consciousness and interwoven story lines, the novel explores themes of time, memory, and mental health in the interwar period.  The artwork meditates on life, death and the creative impetus, echoing the phrase this voice this life this procession in the vital medium of neon.

The neon design is based on the font Caslon Old Face, used by Virginia and Leonard Woolf for early editions released by their publishing house Hogarth Press. Neon produced by Neon Workshop, Wakefield.

Exhibited: Brass Art: rock, quiver and bend HOME Manchester (2024)